Tap Dancing Magic

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Enjoying Tap Dancing Magic
You may already have a wealth of wonderful memories when it comes to tap dancing. There’s something about watching the magic that happens when those feet start to tap that literally takes your breath away. From the moment an audience is drawn to the floor where some of the most amazing melodies of the feet are created to the very last tap or stomp of the performance, many times we are riveted to the screen or the individual on the stage.

Tap dance has been an enjoyable pastime for many people for years. Children who admire tap have often creative attempted to emulate tap shoes with their own homemade versions with thumb tacks inserted into the bottom of the toes of their shoes. Although this is not a safe practice for many types of shoes, for thicker soled types, it has given children the opportunity to create their own tap magic on the sidewalks, in the basement and sometimes to the chagrin of their parents, nicely finished wood floors in their homes.

Tap dancing greats like Savion Glover, Gregory Hines, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly have given us performances time after time that we have applauded with standing ovations. In movie theaters we’ve gone back again and again to see their feats and watch in near unbelief as they have defied what seems to be the logic of gravity with their moves.

Do you remember the first time you saw an excellent tap dancing performance? Perhaps you were a child and found yourself riveted to the performance. If so, then you most likely stared with starry eyes and wondered how they made it seem as if they were dancing on air. It was a wonder to behold just to see them dance from one side of the stage to the other and back again without ever missing a beat. And if you were lucky, the audience rose to their feet, clapped and cheered so long that the dancer would return to the stage and perform again. That’s if you were lucky.
Tap dancing today is regarded as one of the most interesting forms of dance in existence. People of all ages and sizes can participate in this form of dance that lets you start with the simplest of moves of the feet. A toe tapping delight for those who like to get into it, tap dancing can take it to the next level with feats that require significant practice to accomplish.

There is no question that there’s something about the professional dancer who comes out in front of a crowd to perform that he or she is enjoying what they do. From the young, talented artists today like singer/performer Mya to the greats of days gone by, the smile on their face and the beat in their feet makes you want to get into the act and enjoy yourself.

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