All About Indonesia Dance

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Dance is the human body movement. Through the motion of the human body is used to express ideas, feelings, and experiences of the artist to others. Distinctive feature is the motion of dance movements that have been processed from the aspect of energy, space and time. 
There are two types of dance, namely non-traditional dance and dance -traditional. This includes traditional Indonesian dance is a primitive dance, folk dance, and dance classics. The three types of this dance ritual purposes, entertainment, and spectacle, while those who are included in non-traditional type of dance is a new creation dance, modern dance and contemporary dance. Dance characteristic of the new creation is a traditional dance that was renewed. Hallmark of modern dance and contemporary dance is a new invention in terms of theme, form and presentation of dance.

The form of modern dance and contemporary dance Indonesia is usually a combination of elements of local culture with elements of world culture. There is also a fully display the elements of world culture. Characteristic of Indonesia is to present contemporary dance theme, the form being famous, being in the spotlight today. If contemporary dance presents the themes and forms characteristic of being famous, being in the spotlight today, but modern dance is not necessarilypresent the themes and forms that are popular today.
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