Serimpi Dance (Mystical)

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"Serimpi Sangupati dance" is a dance performed four female dancers and in the middle of the dance with four dancers with skills and then providing liquor to the Netherlands. The serimpi dance is a mystical nuance that comes from Yogyakarta. The dance is accompanied by Javanese gamelan.

This dance is played by two female dancers. Hand movements slow and graceful, is characteristic of the dance Serimpi. Dance Pakubuwono srimpi IX sangopati this work, is actually a dance work Pakubuwono IV who ruled the Kingdom of Surakarta Sultanate in 1788-1820 with a Srimpi sangopati itself sangapati word comes from the word 'the apathy "of a candidate replacement term for king. This dance symbolizes the provision to the death (of the meaning Sangopati) allocated to the Dutch.

It was a very effective tactic, at least, can lead to the Dutch authorities do not realize that he was fooled. Because already lulled by the beauty of dance, coupled with increasing number of liquor or wine to be drunk so they (the Netherlands) and then drunk. Tail, the agreement which had been due to be held ultimately successfully thwarted. With the failure of these agreements, several areas mentioned above can be saved.

However, that need to be underlined in this dance is the courage of the warrior princess, which in this case were represented by dancers serimpi. Because if it was smelled by the Dutch scheme, then that will be the first bait is that they are dancers.

Can be said that they were soldiers in the front row that also determines whether the mission succeeded and thwart agreement. So as to obscure the fact that there are missions in the name of the dance the dance is called the Serimpi Sangupati defined as the provision of death.

Currently Serimpi Sangupati still often danced, but only serves as a dance entertainment purposes only. And there are scenes in which wine drinking is still there but the dance is done only symbols; only, not with real wine.

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