Indonesia is a country rich in culture, one of them contained in a dance. below I put a few dances from various regions in Indonesia, because Indonesian's dances very many kinds, so this is uncomplete. if anyone wants to equip you please add the comment.

  1. Seudati Dance from  Aceh Special Region, comes from the Arabic with Islamic religious background. A full dynamic balancing dance with the religious atmosphere. This dance is very loved and well known in the areaAceh .Tari Meuseukat Saman, in berbanjar done in a sitting position with a dynamic rhythm. A dance with a lyric full of teaching virtue, especially religious teachings of Islam
  2. Regional dances of Bali: Legong Dance, dance background is the story of the King of Lasem cuinta. Given a dynamic and compelling hati.Tari Kecak, a dance based on the story and the Book of the Ramayana which mengisahken about monkey army of Hanuman from Sugriwa
  3. Topeng Kuncaran Dance is a Traditional dance from West Java, this  is a dance that tells a grudge because of his love for a king altercation rejected. Dancing Peacock, a dance that tells of the life of a beautiful peacock-paced and riveting.
  4. Andun Dance is a Regional dances from Bengkulu, South Bengkulu this from a dance to welcome guests who are respected. Teminang Child Fairy Dance, this dance can also be interpreted angel woo children. This traditional dance originated from the Rejang Lebong.
  5. Regional dances from Jakarta is a Topeng ( mask ) Dance, is a traditional Betawi dance to welcome guests in regal. Yopong Dance, is offering dance in honor of guest countries.
  6. Regional dances from Jambi is a Foreword Dance, is offering dance. This traditional dance jambi only complains of dance in common with Malays. Dance Selampir Eight, an association of young people dance and is very popular in Jambi area.
  7. Regional dances of Central Java is a Serimpi Dance, a dance palace in the past with an air of gentle, noble and charming. Dance Blambangan Cakil, tells of the struggle against Buto Cakil Heroine (giant). An omen of crushing anger.
  8. Remong Dance from East Java, Surabaya is a dance that symbolizes the spirit, heroism. At the time danced to welcome the guests. Reog Ponorogo, East Java is a dance that shows courage, virility and handsomeness.
  9. Regional dances of West Kalimantan is a Monong Dance, a dance repellent to the disease the patient can recover with the dancers acting as shaman incantations Zapin Tembung Dance, dance is a community association in West Kalimantan
  10. Baksa Kembang Dance from South Katimantan , a welcome dance in the great room with garlands of flowers delivered. Dance Radab Rahayu, in performances at the ceremony fresh flour, before the bride and groom in persandingkan.
  11. Regional dances of Central Kalimantan and bungai is a Dance Singleton, is a dance that tells the heroic Bungai In Singleton and expel the enemy that would rob the people of harvest. Balean Dadas Dance, dance is to beg a cure for their sick.
  12. Gong Dances from: East Regional , in performances at the welcoming ceremony on tatmu great. Can also be on show during the birth of a baby chiefs. Dance War, Dancing a demonstration two young men in a fight over a girl.
  13. Regional dances of Lampung. Jangget Dance, is a ceremonial dance to upacar-peradatan. This dance symbolizes the magnanimity and moral people of Lampung. Malinting Dance, is a folklore dance background in Lampung. Tells of a visit to the palace of Sunan Gunung Jati Pulung.
  14. Maluku Regional dances Lenso Dance. is a social dance for people of all ranks of the people of Maluku. Cakalele Dance, Dance War is a soul who described the gallant hero.
  15. War Dance Region North Maluku, folk dance to welcome the heroes who fought pualng from the field. Nahar Ilaa Dance, dance, friendship ties at the time of "hot Pela" an agreement to build the village.
  16. Local dances of West Dance Lenggogo MPAA, a dance to welcome the Mawlid Nahi Muhammad. This dance is also frequently performed at the ceremonies of marriage or a circumcision ceremony of the royal family. Batunganga Dance, a folklore dance background. Tells of the love of the people against the king's daughter who went into the stone. They begged the princess to get out of the stone.
  17. Regional dances of East Nusa Tenggara War Dance, dance that shows the properties toying with courage and skill in arms. Weapons used in the form of a whip and a shield. Gareng Lameng Dance, performed at the ceremony of circumcision. This dance form of congratulations and thanks to God that please circumcised physically and spiritually healthy and successful in life.
  18. Regional dances of West Papua danTengah Suanggi Dance, dance that tells the story of a widowed husband and wife who are victims of angi-angi (jejadian). Dance War, symbolizing kepahlawana dance, and the valor of the people of Papua.
  19. Riau dances Tandak Dance, is a very social dance in the favorite in Riau. Tori Joged heap, is a social dance of young people, which is very popular and loved
  20. Kipas (fan) Dances of South Sulawesi, dance girls who demonstrate proficiency samhil fan following in playing rhythm track. Bosara, is a dance to welcome the honored guest. Body movements is very flexible.
  21. Regional dances of Central Sulawesi Lumense Dance, dance is a dance of Poso that survived the great dating to welcome guests. Dance Peule Cinde, including the great dance to welcome guests. Summit agenda was to sow flowers for the guests.
  22. Balumpa Dance Southeast Region, is a welcome dance grand welcome guest conducts. This folk dance originating from Buton. Dinggu Dance, symbolizing nature royongan kegotong in working together while pounding rice. Touch of pestle on mortar is its own rhythm that touches the heart.
  23. Regional dances of North Sulawesi Maengket Dance, is a social dance that is done in pairs. Describing the atmosphere of affection and jest. Polopalo Dance, is a social dance for young people of Gorontalo district.
  24. Regional dances of West Sumatra Dance Dish: A traditional dance which symbolizes the mood of the people kegotong royongan in doing his duties. Working on the fields during the day and at night-sam merry together. Dance Umbrella: danced by a young couple with umbrellas in hand, the man protects a woman's head, a man against a woman perlamban protection.
  25. Regional dances of South Sumatra Dance Date, is a dance in a ceremony to welcome the guests with traditional grandeur. Dancing Princess Bekhusek, meaning that the princess who is playing. This dance is very popular in Ulu and Ogan Komering melamhangka regional prosperity in South Sumatra
  26. Regional dances of North Sumatra Serampang 12 Dancing, a dance rhythm Joged Malays with music accompanied by Latin American-style drum beating. Serampang twelve is a social dance. Tari Tor Tor, A dance of the Batak regions with the background philosophy peradatan and danced in solemn atmosphere.
  27. Serimpi Sangu Pati dance Yogyakarta, a dance accompanied by PALACE on masalalu gamelan sound with a soft dance. Bedaya dance, a dance that is amazing PALACE by 9 girls with a weak rhythm gemulai
  28. Regional dances Welcome Papua Eastern Dance, dance of Joy mempertunjukan residents to celebrate the honored guest. Musyoh dance, a sacred dance in order to expel the ang ¬ late or dead because of misfortune.

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