Gending Sriwijaya Dance

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Gending Sriwijaya Dance came from South Sumatra, and its function to welcome a special guest who visited this area. This traditional dance has been around since the “Kingdom of Sriwijaya”. This dance reflects the attitude of the host are friendly, cheerful and happy, sincere and open to special guests. This dance is performed by Thirteen dancers young. Clothing Traditional clothing worn is
Aesan Gede, Shawl Mantri, paksangkong, Dodot and date.

Thirteen dancers to the division of roles are :
• One of the main dancers carrier slap (slap, lime, betel),
• Two dancers carrier peridon (equipment slap), the companion dancer
• Six people (three on his right and three left),
To the above nine dancers are the main dancers. and below is supporting dancers, who sometimes dispensed in a procession
• One person carrying oversized umbrella (brought on by a man) ,
• One person Gending Sriwijaya singer,
• Two men carrying spears (male).

          This dance song is the Gending Sriwijaya of its meaning to remind the youth that their ancestors are the great nation and respect the brotherhood and friendship between people and the relationship between man and Creator.

          That glimpse of Gending Sriwijaya dance. Since I am only an observer of dance, this explanation may be less than perfect. For those who know more about this dance, and want to add a description please comment.

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