Legency of Golek Dance

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Since I live in Yogyakarta, and many master dance Marionette hence in this article I will briefly review the puppet dance. And this is my review:

              Golek Menak Dance, also called Golek Menak Beksa, or
Beksan Menak. Golek puppet dancing implies Menak.

              Golek Menak Dance is one of the classical dance style created by the Yogyakarta Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. Creation Golek dance originated from the idea of sovereign Menak after watching the show which was staged Golek Menak Puppet by a puppeteer from Kedu area in 1941. Beksa also called Golek Menak or Beksan Menak. Golek puppet dancing implies Menak. Golek Beksa Menak Menak stories sourced from China. The process of creation and training to implement the idea takes quite a while. Performances held at the palace early in the year 1943 to commemorate the birthday of the sultan. The form is still not perfect, because fashion is still in good shape rehearsal. The first result of the creation of the sovereign is able to display three character types, namely:

  1. Type the characters Sudarawerti daughter to the goddess and the goddess Sirtupelaeli,
  2. Type characters for a smoother son Raden Maktal,
  3. Type heroic characters for King Dirgamaruta.
               Three types of characters to be displayed in the form of two Beksan, namely the war between the goddess Dewi Sirtupelaeli Sudarawerti fight, and fight the war between King Dirgamaruta Raden Maktal.

               The language used in dialogue is the language bagongan. Clothing worn by dancers refer to the Golek Puppet Menak clothing Wood and all the characters dressed in long sleeves, while way berkain rampekan how to apply, kampuhan, cincingan, and seredan hosted adjusted figures.

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